The thing that made Shakespeare write Macbeth was, in 1606, James was the king of England for 3 years, before that he English crowns, a union to which Shakespeare refers to in the play.

The Prince of Cumberland: that is a step On which I must fall down, or else i have to leap over, For in my way it lies. Stars, hide your fires, Let not light see my black and deep desires, The eye wink at the hand. Yet let that be, Which the eye fears when […]

The book that I’m reading is called ‘Goosebumps STAY OUT of the BASEMENT’ I think that it is a good book to read if you like horror books. I like it because the story line is good and it builds up well to the scary part. It also starts off well, it starts nice and […]

In London, there was a talented young man called ‘Addis Medani’.he practised his free-kicks, shots, skills and etc. he always goes to the park and practises against the shiny white goal. His friends go out to play with him too, and said to each other how good he was and that he could make it. […]

One day a boy called Sir Lord Chicken, he wanted to go to the SIDEMEN house. So he went to school and he got the address from a friend in school. He woke up super early on Saturday, he woke up at 7:00am! He woke up early because on that day…… he was going to […]

Today in English, I had to finish off my essay about The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas. I had to write about the whole book and answer some questions in full detail, for example one of the questions were, “How is Shmuel is an effective character in the book?” And you have to answer it […]

In my opinion, the ending of the story was obviously based on Bruno and his Dad. I think the ending didn’t really give enough detail of what happened to Bruno, and also at the end, is says “Of course all this happened a long time ago and nothing, like that could happen again, Not in […]